The Kilah Davenport Foundation was started in November 2012 to help visitors learn more about child abuse, and of course, share information about Kilah’s journey. Please watch “The Kilah Story” video created by Samuel Ryan Willey.

The Kilah Davenport Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.


Our Mission

The mission of the Kilah Davenport Foundation is to encourage and promote activities and programs meant to strengthen and unify the prevention of child abuse and assistance in providing educational resources for victim families that have suffered abuse. To provide goods, services and/or funds to individuals, groups or non-profit organizations for the prevention of child abuse.


Our Accomplishments

Kilah’s Law is now Federal Law

Kilah’s Law doubles the penalty for felony child abuse to a minimum of 125 months in jail for the person caring for a child under 16 years old who inflicts serious bodily injury either intentionally or as the unintentional result of an assault.

In addition to tougher sentencing penalties, the law will also stipulate that there be a permanent record in the defendants criminal history that specifies that the offense involved child abuse. Read about this legislative journey.


Meet the Board

Our Board of Directors is comprised of community members and leaders who are passionate about not only preventing child abuse, but also serving victim families. 

Leslie Davenport

Brian Davenport

Greg Hatcher

Tamara Brewton

Gregg Krantz

Charlie Williams

Justin Derrick

Scott Donaghy

Darci Powell

Andrea Herring

Liana Rebollo

Maria Harrell